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Welcome to Cambridge Academy Basel and Bern. Our language schools offer tailored English / German / French learning programs for each level - From A1 for beginners through to C2 Proficiency.

With tuition, guidance and coaching, you will complete a comprehensive tailored learning program to improve your skills.

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Why you learn English successfully with us
  • Taught by native speakers
  • guaranteed learning success
  • flexible timing
  • Centrally located in Basel and Bern

What do we offer?

Learning objective Guarantee

You do not invest in individual lessons but a personal learning goal. Until this is achieved, you can repeat lessons in order to reach your target with no further cost.

Individual timetable

With a flexible timetable you control your study program. You decide where and when you would like to learn

Native Speaker

All of our teachers are native speakers. You will not only develop your grammar and vocabulary skills but also a fundamental understanding of how native speakers use their language.

Central in Basel and Bern

Our schools are located just a few minutes from the train station.

Ready to go!

Your personal course can start tomorrow at school or online.

With us you can achieve all Cambridge certificates

FCE - First / B2

Cambridge First Certificate in English / FCE / B2 certificate is the minimum requirement for applications to most English / non- English speaking educational institutions. It demonstrates a sound overall understanding of grammar with functional vocabulary. It is also considered good preparation for higher qualifications such as the CAE or CPE. FCE is valid for life.

CAE - Advanced / C1

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English / CAE / C1 certificate, is accepted by most English-speaking universities worldwide. It is also the 'go to' level for businesses globally. It demonstrates near Native Level English skills and is valid for life.

CPE - Proficiency / C2

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English / CPE / C2 Certificate, is regarded worldwide as proof of Native English language ability. It is accepted everywhere by universities and businesses alike. It is valid for life.



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Linguaskill – The all new Business exam from Cambridge
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Linguaskill is a convenient way to accurately test your English proficiency. Trusted by employers and educational institutions worldwide. It tests all four language skills – Writing, Speaking, Reading & Listening – According to international standards. Receive certification and receive results in under 48 hours.

Whether requested by a current or prospective employer or university, or simply to enhance job opportunities, Linguaskill will confirm your level, improving your chance of success.

Conversation classes November
A calendar with the building plan for the next year.

The Conversation Classes in November as an Overview

Konversationsunterricht December
A calendar with the different classes for the school year.

Der Konversationsunterricht im December als Übersicht

German teacher wanted

We are looking for a teacher of German, 30-60%.

CPE C2 - We are the only ones!
A group of students in a classroom with the words News for Everyone received information about important events.

Take your preparation course for the Certificate of Proficiency C2 Level with us.

More offers

We offer preparatory courses for the Cambridge Diplomas as well as courses tailored exactly to your individual language goals.

Business English

The Business English Certificate ensures that you can prove your language skills in business. It is offered at levels B1, B2 and C1.

IELTS Courses - Your diploma for study and work abroad.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) from Cambridge tests your English ability up to level C2. Required by universities for international study and emigration departments when considering moving abroad. The IELTS is only valid for 2 years.

Individual courses

Benefit from our versatile learning options. With Cambridge Academy, you invest in your goal, not just a fixed course. Learn when you want, where you want and continue to develop your skills until your goal is reached.

Conversation classes

Put your learned skills to the test in the conversation groups with other learners at a similar level of English. This will help you gain confidence in speaking and reach your goals even faster.

Private lessons

For rapid progress and specific needs.

Field reports

"I really like the new online-learning program 'ORCA' that you have just prepared. Learning English is also more effective and very easy to use. Since the program has been prepared in a very comprehensive way, all the necessary tools and information are available in the program. I would like to thank the workers who prepared the program. Thanks Cambridge."
Saray C.
"I am very happy to be in school at the Cambridge in Basel. The lessons are very interesting and also very instructive. I would recommend the Cambridge to everyone who wants to learn English."
Daniel T.
"I started at B1 level at the Cambridge in Basel and finished the course 9 months later passing with a grade B . Isn't it fantastic? I think the quality of the teacher is a key success factor of the Cambridge Institute, which I highly recommend."
Alberto M.
"One of my currents goals is to improve my English speaking and grammar skills. Therefore, I decided to enroll myself in the CAE course at the Cambridge Basel. I gained confidence in speaking and I can apply my learning at professional level too. I would like to add that they have super professional and motivating native speaking teachers and they adapted very fast to the current covid-19 situation with online meetings."
Marc F.
"I'm very happy to have chosen this school. It's study method allows me to study independently with online lessons and with the lessons of the teachers, very professional and competent, I can check my progress. I think I made the right choice to improve my English."
Silvia T.
"The learning atmosphere is very pleasant and it is great that you can switch between the teachers for a maximum benefit. This makes the Cambridge Swiss/English Academy so special. I really enjoy the flexible approach to learning, where I can learn at home or anywhere I want. Nonetheless, the learning process is clearly structured and leads to learning success."


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Basel location
Theatre Street 4
CH - 4001 Basel

Location Bern
Bubenbergplatz 11
CH - 3011 Bern

Monday till Thursday: 08:30-21:00
Friday: 08:30 -18:00
Saturday: 09.00-13.00
Learning Center 4U GmbH
Mon - Thu: 08:30-21:00
Fri: 08:30 -18:00
Sat: 09.00-13.00

Basel location

Theatre Street 4
CH - 4001 Basel

Location Bern

Bubenbergplatz 11
CH - 3011 Bern

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