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Maximum of Flexibility

All Cambridge Certificates in one school

We offer Preparatory courses on the Cambridge Diplomas as well as courses tailored exactly to your individual language goals. You can attend regular class lessons with us or book lessons online.

With us you pay for results and not just for courses!
Preparatory courses
FCE (First)
CAE (Advanced)
CPE (Proficiency)

With us you can achieve all Cambridge certificates

FCE - First / B2

Cambridge First Certificate in English / FCE / B2 certificate is the minimum requirement for applications to most English / non- English speaking educational institutions. It demonstrates a sound overall understanding of grammar with functional vocabulary. It is also considered good preparation for higher qualifications such as the CAE or CPE. FCE is valid for life.

CAE - Advanced / C1

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English / CAE / C1 certificate, is accepted by most English-speaking universities worldwide. It is also the 'go to' level for businesses globally. It demonstrates near Native Level English skills and is valid for life.

CPE - Proficiency / C2

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English / CPE / C2 Certificate, is regarded worldwide as proof of Native English language ability. It is accepted everywhere by universities and businesses alike. It is valid for life.

More offers

We offer preparatory courses for the Cambridge Diplomas as well as courses tailored exactly to your individual language goals.

Business English

The Business English Certificate ensures that you can prove your language skills in business. It is offered at levels B1, B2 and C1.

IELTS Courses - Your diploma for study and work abroad.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) from Cambridge tests your English ability up to level C2. Required by universities for international study and emigration departments when considering moving abroad. The IELTS is only valid for 2 years.

Individual courses

Benefit from our versatile learning options. With Cambridge Academy, you invest in your goal, not just a fixed course. Learn when you want, where you want and continue to develop your skills until your goal is reached.

Conversation classes

Put your learned skills to the test in the conversation groups with other learners at a similar level of English. This will help you gain confidence in speaking and reach your goals even faster.

Private lessons

For rapid progress and specific needs.

Course dates in Basel & Bern

Discover our course classes in English and German, adapted to your individual level from A1 to C2. Improve your communication skills and expand your language repertoire with our first-class courses in small groups of maximum 6 people.

How is learning done?

At the Cambridge Swiss/English Academy, we are guided by the latest findings on human learning behaviour. We all have different interests, perspectives and are of different learning types. What really sticks in our minds are learning experiences that we can link to our life experiences. That is why our didactic approach is based on "student-centred learning" - the focus is on you and your needs and goals.

Learning formats for every learning type

Whether you are more visual, auditory or hands-on responsive, we have the right learning format for you. 

With our state-of-the-art online learning programme 'ORCA' you can learn anytime, anywhere and keep track of your progress. The exercises include speaking, comprehension, reading, writing and vocabulary development.

At our school, there are almost daily conversation classes. Participate in informal and exciting discussions and practise your speaking skills with other students in your level range. Because we know: practice makes perfect!

Private lessons: If student-centred learning is the fast train to progress, then private lessons are the TGV. With private lessons, your pace of progress is doubled. Maintain uniquely personal contact with your fixed teacher and enjoy the attention to the full. In private lessons, your teacher gets to know you and your learning habits and can offer you lessons that are perfectly tailored to you. 

Our teachers are CELTA certified and Anglophone.

The Cambridge Swiss/English Academy is certified by EDUQUA.

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